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Tandem of a project manager and an interpreter: what is the benefit?

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In a translation agency, a project manager often becomes a lifesaver for an interpreter. Most organizational issues fall on his shoulders, while a linguist can focus on translation. After all, interpreters are also people, not androids with an on-board computer instead of a head, ready for any call.

We discussed the skills of an interpreter in one of our previous articles. Today we will focus on additional points that help the linguist to successfully perform the work.
To ensure that the event goes smoothly and the customer is satisfied, the manager and the translator work together. Preparation takes place in several stages.

First, the details of the request are discussed: the language pair, the topic, the format of the event and the number of participants, the type of interpretation (simultaneous, sequential, shushutage), the date and venue, the number of working hours, equipment, payment terms and transportation/accommodation costs (if necessary).

When the terms are agreed and the contract is signed, the manager continues to collect information. The more details are known in advance, the better informed the translator is! These details may seem obvious, but that's why they are so often forgotten – or postponed until the last moment. The program of the event, the schedule of speeches, reports and presentations of participants – all this is necessary for immersion in the subject and in the context. We recommend clarifying the nuances two weeks before the event so that the translator has time to prepare for work qualitatively.

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