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What to start from when you wish to enroll into a University in the Russian Federation?

First, choose one or several educational programs that suits you most. Then simply write to us, and Unibase team will find the best University for you, according to your chosen profile. We will also assist you in collecting and translating the necessary documents into Russian language. Also, our team will accompany you to entry examinations and would guide you through the process up until the contract with the University is signed.

How can I apply for a student visa?

Upon passing the entry exams successfully and signing an educational agreement with the University, we will prepare a set of documents for the migration department on your behalf. Also, we will make sure you receive an invitation.

Where will I live while studying at the university in Russia?

Many universities provide accommodation to their students. In case the University does not have any accommodation available, we help to find the optimal accommodation in proximity to your place of study.

Will someone greet me at the airport?

Yes, of course! We organize transfers from the airport to your accommodation.

Is it possible to work in the Russian Federation while studying?

The work permits were officially cancelled as of August 5th,2020.
However, some international students will be able to work without the permit only if three following conditions are met:

•    If there are studying full-time basis at a higher education organization
•    The major degree has a state accreditation
•    Work happens outside of the study hours

Can I complete the foundation year in one University and then apply for the bachelor’s degree in another University?

Yes, after completing a foundation year in one University, you can continue your studies in any other University in Russia.

Do I need a certificate of recognition of my previous education (nostrification) and how can I get it?

It depends on the country where you had received your previous education. Recognition procedure is held by the FGBU ‘Glavekspertcentre'. You can request it yourself or reach out to us and our specialists will swiftly prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Ready to apply to the university? Register on the website and contact representatives of the admissions committee
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