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Even now, during the special military operation, life in Russia is safe on the 98% of the territory.

Certainly, precautionary measures should be taken to reduce a chance of getting into trouble. Here are some tips that may help you not to worry about the safety in Russia.

Transport and public places

Though crime level in Russia is much lower than in Europe or in The USA, you should always be conscious. Always be watchful in crowded places. Some advice:

  • Keep the bag in front of you, put the backpack on the front
  • Do not put your phone in your outerwear or pants pocket
  • During the trip do not distract on phone calls or messages on social networks
  • Avoid public display of expensive items such as camera, tablet, jewelry
  • It is better not to have a large amount of money

It is necessary to be vigilant during railway travel. Do not leave your belongings unattended, documents and money better put in a small chest bag that will always be with you.  Do not agree to drink alcohol with strangers under any circumstances. Otherwise, you may be a victim of pickpockets.

In general, such crimes are not common in Russia and they happen rarely in big cities, but pay attention to the following chapter.

Electronic safety

Such crimes do really happen frequently. For instance, an unknown caller says your name, proclaims that he is a bank employee and asks to tell him your credit card data. 

All transactions related to credit cards should be made only through official payment services and banks' websites and apps. Always check the details of the recipient and the service provider. Do not inform anyone about your credit card data and do not save it in the Internet browser. Be careful if you use online dating services. Before going on a date you can make a video-call to make sure that the person is really who he claims to be. Moreover, you should never send money to people you don’t know personally.

Restaurants, night clubs and shopping malls

Nightlife in Russian cities is in full swing all year around. Before going out you should remember some safety rules:

  • Do not agree to go anywhere with strangers, especially in bars or nightclubs. In general, avoid talking to drunk people and go to such places in the company of your friends.
  • Do not drink alcohol from bottles without labels. If you are going to drink vodka, make sure that it is purchased in the shop and has the right marking. This is the most frequently counterfeited drink.
  • All cities have their own unattractive areas. Ask locals about places that must be avoided.
  • Coming home from the bar or club is better by taxi or public transport. There are many taxi services in Russia. The largest of them are “Uber” and “Yandex.Taxis”. Avoid night walks on deserted streets alone.


Do not be afraid taking taxis in Russia. Taxi rides via mobile services like “Uber” or “Yandex.Taxis” are totally safe and relatively cheap. If the driver looks suspicious, you are able to share the taxi route and time of arrival via the app to your friends or relatives. You can also order a taxi from the official carrier by phone number. Always agree the price before your trip, check the taximeter and ask for a physical or electronic receipt at the end. You can also create a route in advance in any online map and check the road, so the driver will not be able to choose the longest route and cheat.


Do not drink water from the sink as the water supply system is lack of proper filters. No need to worry If you accidentally drank water while, brushing your teeth, for example. However, it is better to buy bottled water or use special water filters jugs.

Identity check

If you are stopped on the street by a police officer, do not be afraid and worry. In order to combat terrorism, the police often inspect citizens' documents in public places. Just show the identity document and you will be released immediately. Leaving the house, it is better to always take with you a passport, student card and migration card. The presence of a student card, by the way, can be useful at the most unexpected moment. For instance, you may get a discount in cafes or other public places.

! Nota Bene! 

Keep the emergency phone number with you, and immediately ask for help in case of the slightest danger.

Unified and complex emergency phone number: !!!112!!!

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