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Preparatory department

Study Abroad
Imagine that you are planning to enter Russian university, however your mind is full of controversial thoughts like “how am I going to study in Russia?

They have different mentality; it is a country with unfamiliar culture; I do not even know Russian language”. For this purpose, Russian universities offer students special courses powered by preparatory department. Study in Russia does not necessarily require Russian language proficiency. Foreigners can enroll at a preparatory department which offers courses in Russian and profession-oriented subjects.


What is the duty of the department?

Actually such departments exist in each Russian university. The departments provide special courses for admission to a Russian university. They help foreign applicants to assimilate in Russian society, to know more about Russian culture, traditions and lifestyle. There many different programs which are usually paid. Universities offer international prospective students training options that differ in education levels (preparation for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies), academic areas, lengths of study, number of disciplines, study periods and tuition fees. Such courses are usually held a year before the entering a university in order to boost the knowledge of Russian language. 


Preparatory courses

The majority of universities offer the students various education levels. As a rule, students are divided into small groups of 10-15 members that is much smaller than ones in the university. All of the student will be taught by experienced and highly qualified professors who enjoy their subject. The duration of programs varies from 6 months to 2 years. Along with the standard one-year course, universities can offer shorter or longer preparatory courses which can start in autumn, winter or spring. Some universities postpone the beginning of studies for the students who are to receive their certificates in autumn or winter. The most common option is a nine-month intensive course in Russian language and several profession-oriented subjects. Courses commonly start in September or October and end in June-July. In the first semester students mainly take Russian language lessons (four to five hours every day). In the second semester university adds profession-oriented subjects to the study plan. Subjects depend on the student’s future occupation. If you already know some Russian, then you may apply for a one-semester program where you will learn advanced Russian and emphasize subjects of your future profession.

Some Russian universities provide only Russian language courses. Their preparatory departments do not provide training in other disciplines. It is a great choice of international students who already have basic education and want to enroll for graduate, specialist or postgraduate studies or medical internship in Russia.


Tuition fees

Tuition fee depends on the duration of the course. Costs vary from 500$ to 3,000$, but on average leading universities of the country charge 220,000 rubles (2,200$) for a one-year program.

For those foreigners who have received educational scholarship from the Russian government and have stated in their application that they do not speak Russian and need preparatory courses, the tuition is free. For self-funding students it is sufficient just to leave an application on the chosen university’s website if they want to enroll at a preparatory department. After passing the exams preparatory department graduates receive a certificate of their proficiency in Russian. They can apply for a basic program at the same university after preparatory training or any other Russian university.

For more details about study conditions and application deadline contact an admission committee or a preparatory department of the chosen university. If you are willing to enroll such courses or any other educational programs, you may leave a request on our website and our employees will help you with all the organizational issues.


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