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Moscow is the capital of Russia, a city of federal significance. It is the largest city by population, there are more than 12.8 million people living there.

Year of foundation -1147

Number of Universities -76

Population -13 million people

Subsistence minimum - 20,000 rubles (200 euros)

Average temperature: -7 degrees Celsius in Winter and +20 degrees Celsius in Summer

Average cost of dormitory -10,000 rubles (100 euros)

Average cost of one-room apartment rent - 36,000 rubles (360 euros)

Moscow is the capital of Russia, a city of federal significance. It is the largest city by population, there are more than 12.8 million people living there. For many residents of the regions, Moscow is a city of great opportunities in the professional sphere and in the lifestyle. Moscow is on a par with such large cities of the world, as New York, Tokyo or London: infrastructure, lifestyle of Muscovites, events, traffic - all this makes the capital clear and easy for foreigners.

Moscow is the cultural center of Russia. All the biggest fests, the largest concerts, the most important theatrical performances, international exhibitions and much more - everything happens in Moscow. In total, there are about 100 theatres in the capital, many of which are known around the world - the Bolshoi Theatre, the Sovremennik theatre, the Chekhov art theatre, the Pushkin theatre and others. Moreover, the city has more than 60 museums, the most famous are the Tretyakov Gallery, the Polytechnic Museum, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art named «Garage». You do not need large amounts of money to spend a time in an interesting and informative way in the capital. There are numerous free or extremely cheap events as well.

You can climb the Ostankinskaya Tower and see the city from the tallest tower in Europe, you can enjoy the city during a cruise on the Moscow River, walk through the Moscow bars or even get a ride on a bike through the city.

Moscow is also an educational center of the country. Every year thousands of yesterday’s schoolchildren come to study in the capital universities. And this is not surprising at all. In fact, Moscow twice (in 2014 and 2015) was on the list of the best cities for students by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). By the end of 2009, there were 264 various universities in the capital: 109 state and 155 non-state. The prestige and rating of capital universities was also assessed at a high level. In addition, Moscow has the largest library in the country - the Russian National Library. In total, there are about 400 libraries in Moscow. 

Furthermore, Moscow is a city of sports. The spirit of the 1980 Olympics remains here today: sports facilities are extensively developing in the capital and new ones are being built. Moscow has more than 200 swimming pools, about 40 sports palaces, more than 30 stadiums, more than 20 indoor ice arenas, 2700 gyms and about 150 children’s and youth sports schools. There is also a developed bicycle infrastructure in Moscow: there are about 230 km of bike lanes in the city. In summer urban bicycle rental stations are opened. According to 2018, there are 430 stations in the capital which accommodate 4300 bicycles and 260 electric bikes. 

In Moscow the nightlife is also developed on a large scale. No wonder is said about the capital that it never sleeps. Life in Moscow never stops and even in the dead of night you can get into a traffic jam. Talking about the entertainment, there are more than 500 nightclubs in Moscow where every weekend all Moscow youth gather. In addition, the capital has many interesting and delicious bars, cafes and restaurants. So, in 2014 alone there were 2700 gastronomic establishments in the city. And every year this number increases.

Moscow is a tourist center of Russia: most of the city’s architectural objects are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2019 Moscow received a tourist award from the World Travel Awards in the nomination World’s Leading City Destination 2019. Also in Moscow the park infrastructure is highly developed: the city has more than 120 parks which are equipped with recreation areas, Wi-Fi, cafes, sports areas. Some of the most famous and large parks are Gorky Park, Zaryadye Park, Sokolniki Park and many others. 

Moscow is known for its fascinating metro that is the most beautiful in the world. There are already a lot of routes for the most marvelous stations and various excursions. Each station has its own history, myths and beliefs, its own design and its own meanings. The most beautiful stations are Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya, Novoslobodskaya. The student station is considered to be the Square of the Revolution, in the lobby of which there are sculptures of border guards with dogs. It is believed that if you stroke the nose of one of the dogs, the student will definitely get a high exam score. 

Moscow - a multinational city. According to research, only 2% of the population of Moscow are native Muscovites. Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to work or study to the city. Representatives of different countries and religions feel great here. The British newspaper “The Independent” not by chance called the Russian cosmopolitan city the most friendly for foreigners.


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