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Living conditions and benefits for foreign students

Study Abroad
Moving to another country can be frightening and exciting: new society, new environment etc.

To make an adjustment process simpler, you should gather some useful information. For instance, how much money you need, where can you have a breakfast.


Harsh Russian winter is one of the main foreigners’ fears. In fact, the most of the territory is located in the temperate climate zone with pleasant weather conditions. Russia is a vast country, and you can find a comfortable city for yourself. In Krasnodar region even winter temperature remains above zero. Certainly, swimming in the Black Sea will be challenging, but everyone may go for a walk along the coast in a light jacket. 

In contrast to south regions, Siberia will delight with an abundance of snow and frost. Thankfully to mild air, winter there is endured easily.

The calmest climate is in the central part of Russia. Average temperature in Moscow varies from -7 during wintertime to +20 during the summer. 


Russian universities provide students with dormitories with a symbolic payment of about 10-100 euros monthly. The fee depends on several factors: number of roommates and level of comfort.

Single rooms, double rooms and even family rooms are provided! In addition to vital furniture (bed, table, chair, wardrobe and bathroom), rooms are equipped with kitchens. Another option is rental housing. In this way a decent room in Moscow would cost 150 euros, as long as a studio apartment price starts from 300 euros monthly. Besides the rent, students will need to pay for utility services (electricity, gas and water).

Food and shopping

For a comfort life students should have pocket money. 150-200 euros is preferred amount of money if you are planning to buy grocery, to have a lunch (which would cost 2-4 euros at university canteen) and going to shopping sometimes. Thankfully to our government, students may get a discount in many service establishments if you present a student social card. As a rule, it happens during such events as “Student Day” and “Day of Knowledge”.


Each student has a privilege to buy tickets for public transport for hilarious price! If you present student social card, you would get a 50% discount. Moreover, it is possible to purchase a monthly subscription (5 euros for unlimited rides on Metro, 7 euros for Metro and Buses, 10 euros for Metro, Buses and Trains). Such a subscription allows to save up to 85% of your budget, if you do not buy it.

Internet and mobile communications

Foreigners will be pleasantly surprised if they find out that the cost of the SIM card providing mobile phone services and unlimited Internet connection is just 5-7 euros and even less!

All you need is just to come to the salon of communication with your passport. Employees will help you to download an App from the App Store or Google Market. With this application you are able control your personal list of services and your balance.

Public places (Metro, libraries, restaurants etc.) provide free Internet connection. So, you may grab your laptop, head to the nearest coffee shop or any other public place and study from there in a comfortable atmosphere and a work environment.


Every educational institution is equipped with a gym and other sports complexes which are free for the students. In general, in Russian cities sports infrastructure is deeply developed. You may barely find a sportsground in every courtyard.


Russia is a country with a huge cultural legacy. You may visit numerous museums and theatres. In spite of many sanctions, many of foreign films are being shown at cinemas nowadays.

Many various fests for the youth are held where any student can take part in. In many places tickets are free for students! All you need is a student social card. Detail information can be found on the website of the place. 

ISIC card

It has been 30 years since Russia has started collaborating with an international organization ISIC (International Student Identity Card). The ISIC card allows students all over the world to prove their official student status and make the most targeted student benefits and discounts in close to 125000 locations across over 130 countries. In Russia students can count on 3000 discounts, including transport, shops, education etc.

Credit cards

In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg universities instead of students apply for a credit card for receiving a student scholarship.

If extra credit card is needed, you can get it in any bank branch. Certainly, few documents are needed:

 1.  Your passport 

2. An authenticated document translation into Russian language. 

3. Migration card, document of registration and residence permit. 

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