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Lifelong learning: what is it?

Surely you have heard the phrase "lifelong learning," which refers to the fact that we can and should learn continuously throughout our lives. Why is this topic so popular right now? Let’s try to think about it…

Lifelong learning: what is it?

Neuroscience has now demonstrated the neuroplasticity of our brain. When properly stimulated, it remains capable of creating new connections, regenerating, recovering, and restructuring.

This is even more true at a historical moment like the present, when we are experiencing a rate of innovation and change unprecedented in history.

For young people today, it is therefore even more important to "learn how to learn" and to be open to new possibilities, methods and methodologies. An experience abroad can only be enriching from this point of view.

Experiment, discover, confront yourself with the new and the different, take advantage of every opportunity. If you look around with curiosity and attention, you will find that there are many of them! 


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