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About Unibase

Unibase is a matchmaker platform, a meeting place for educational institutions and students from all over the world.

For applicants: Unibase simplifies the choice of an educational institution for students by providing search capabilities by map, list of countries, level of education and other filters.

For educational establishments: Universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens can easily post up-to-date information, track the number of views and communicate with students directly.

Solution for applicants:

- A single platform Unibase
An online space that has gathered a database of educational institutions from universities to kindergartens.
Search by map, specialties, countries with the ability to add to favorites.

- Chat with a representative
Instead of waiting a long time for an answer by email, applicants can write to the chat and ask all the necessary questions. Chat saves the history of correspondence, simplifying communication for both students and employees of educational institutions.

- The card of the educational institution
Only up-to-date information presented in an accessible form. The page of any educational institution is a card with a rating, cost, number of students, possible programs and clear instructions for admission.

Ready to apply to the university? Register on the website and contact representatives of the admissions committee
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